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About us

Creative & Stuff is the modern version of an Advertising Agency. “Modern” being the reason that we prefer to call ourselves a “Creative Services Agency”.

Through ATL, BTL & Digital, We look at linear business problems and provide lateral solutions.

Then, we package those solutions in a format that is interesting and easily comprehended
by the target audience.

Creative & Stuff Health  is a division of C&S that specialises in pharmaceutical marketing and communication. Find out more here.


Brand Strategy & Building

Concept & Design

Traditional Advertising

Digital Communication

Social Communication

Social Media Management

App Building & Coding

Virtual Events

Events & Activations

Audio & Visual Production

Print & specialised Production

Media Strategy & Buying

We work closely with our clients.
– The better we understand your business problem,
the better & faster, we solve it.

When working with C&S, you can expect internationally awarded, advice on your communication and on your
brand-building objectives.

Before founding C&S, we became known as,
“The pitch winners” in the advertising industry.
This is what motivated us to work for ourselves
as opposed to freelancing to the bigger agencies.

What you get from C&S is Big Agency experience at Realistic Prices.

The founders of C&S, “Chris & Steve” have spent, collectively, 50 years+ making Tv, Radio, Print etc. that you have probably seen.

But, C&S moves with the times.
And, as the media landscape has evolved, so have we.
This means that we apply, “old-school advertising thinking” to modern media channels.

In-house we have; Social-media specific strategists & designers with a Full Stack Web and App Development team.

We understand the various platforms, whether it be
a Facebook post or an App build, we have done it before and
can show you a portfolio.




Anyone can post on social media.
But, if you want to create consumer engagement,
you need to post intelligently.

At C&S, we think about the outcome first and the execution second.



Aside from ensuring that your posts go out at the right time, to the right channels, we measure the success of each consumer interaction and advise you on how better to communicate.

– The beauty of the social landscape is that it’s quick and easy to adjust your message to make it more relevant.



Technological advancements & new tech. trends happen overnight.
Our developers are passionate about what they do, to the point that they keep up to date as a hobby.

If there’s some new tech. on the market, you’re likely to hear about it from C&S first.

The global lockdown of 2020 brought new challenges to every business – big or small. Fortunately, C&S already had the South African licence for a global, Virtual Events platform.

If you need to talk to a group in one conversation,
we make it happen.
– Tried & Tested.



We prefer to stick to what we’re good at.
As a result, we don’t market C&S as Activation Specialists.
Instead, we call on our talented suppliers to make it happen for you.
Our role, is to ensure that your brand-identity is kept intact.



Writing a script or creating a storyboard is one thing.
Making sure that “the agreed” comes to life, is another.

In our combined experience, the C&S team have written & created a few hundred Tv ads, and countless radio spots.

When it comes to production, we only deal with the best in the industry and as a result, every project is delivered
on-time and to expectation.



C&S are not printers, but we do have suppliers that we’ve trusted for over 20 years.

Generally, our clients’ procurement departments prefer to use their own suppliers. – We’re happy with that.

When we do any kind of production for any of our clients,
we physically go to the production site and approve the quality before it goes to the client.


This is not a service that C&S currently offers.
However, we have fantastic partners that do.
The C&S job is to make sure that your brand is appropriately placed.



want to discuss
a new project?

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